Inspiring Costa Kids Writing Competition 2018 – Paragraph leads

2018 Entry paragraph leads…. Choose from one of the following paragraphs to build your story. Write between 500-800 words not including the lead paragraph. Para 1) Winding his way through the dark shadows of the overgrown trees, a pool of light finally shone through revealing the full grandeur of the house. He quietly approached the... Read more »

Terms and Conditions – Kids on the Costa Writing Competition 2018

Terms and Conditions Kids on the Costa Writing Competition 2018 #inspiringcostakids 1st March 2018   1. This competition is organised by Anna Mckann of Sharon House Publishing Ltd (UK Registered company 4840060) in conjunction with Lynne Duncan of the Kids on the Costa Magazine SL. The competition is sponsored and promoted by Emma De Acedo... Read more »

Edit, edit, then edit again!

Writing is so time consuming. Unless you are a writer you probably take it for granted, read a story or article, and don’t stop to think just how many hours actually went into producing your entertainment. Imagination and creativity are a wonderful thing, but when your writing is based on fact more often time is... Read more »

2017 Inspiring Costa Kids Finalists

The winners have been notified, the prizes awarded and now it’s time for some reflection before it all starts again. The 2017 #inspiringcostakids #writingcompetition. What can I say? It was an adventure. A learning curve and more than anything a great achievement for organisers and entrants alike. I will post a brief extract from the... Read more »


How many of us really endure, or do most people give up when things get tough? Thinking about success, it undoubtedly goes hand in hand with endurance. Yes there are people in life who are just lucky, but most have to endure to achieve. As a woman in business, I think of some of the... Read more »

Thoughts revealed

Following on the theme of behaviour from my last blog – and the fact that I have just read a batch of children’s stories for the #inspiringcostakids competition – I was thinking of the importance of writing and drawing, whether it be a child holding the pencil or an adult. I have always said, ‘it... Read more »

Why school visits?

It’s been a long time since I did any school visits. I suppose it’s like eating chocolate, we can get too much of the stuff, overdose and need a break. Really, get too much chocolate? Yes! You know that sickly feeling. Don’t want anymore for a while. Well I had done so many school visits... Read more »

Marbella Life Style Rtv

Hi Guys   In Yorkshire for a while enjoying the cool air and a little rain. Oh my gosh I was in Almeria last week and everyday seemed hotter. I don’t particularly like publicity but it goes with the job, so to speak! Did you ever watch yourself on television and think, oh no? Why... Read more »

Creative Minds

Enjoying the peace and tranquility, not to mention the Spanish sunshine – plenty of Vitamin D – before I dash back to Yorkshire to catch up with family and business matters. Yes, next week I have to check on the progress of the Chavos Musical. What a year!     Anyway, there is something so... Read more »

Terms and Conditions #inspiringcostakids competition

Terms and Conditions Kids on the Costa Writing Competition 2017 #inspiringcostakids 26th May 2017.       This competition is organised by Sharon House Publishing Ltd (UK Registered company 4840060) in conjunction with Kids on the Costa SL and Marbella Life Style Rtv. Entry to this competition is open to persons who will be aged... Read more »