In the autumn of 2002, Anna's life took an amazing turn as she discovered the plight of the Street children in Latin America.

As a woman of faith she felt the call of God on her life to help in whatever way she could and after establishing a charitable organisation she was to embark on an awesome adventure.

In September of 2003 she booked a flight to Mexico City with no itinerary, plans or pre-arrangements. She went adlib.

Whilst there, she discovered some disturbing facts, for example, just how many babies had been abandoned on the streets, doorsteps, in churches, gardens and the basura.

It's actually a federal offence to abandon a baby and the ultimate punishment could be imprisonment. However, it still happens and a recent report showed her that 81 babies were abandoned in a period of fifteen months.

Anna, also spent time on the streets visiting the homeless and was to discover that thousands of children were living on the streets of Mexico City alone, some 40 million in Latin America. Searching for food in the rubbish dumps and sniffing glue to take away the hunger pains was the harsh reality.

Hence the story of the Street Kids began.

Click here to contact Anna if you have any questions or would like to help to raise money for the street kids of Mexico City.

Anna has now established a charity, RCC International with a remit to help the Street Kids and has set up her own publishing house; Sharon House Publishing, with a vision to maximise profit and produce books which impact children's lives.

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