Beeky lives in a pretty house with a pretty little garden, and a cat that ate the fish! She enjoys gardening, sewing and cooking. Her homemade jam is delicious. If you are passing Beeky's house, she welcomes strangers. She will always share her sardines and crusty bread.

"As it was a warm afternoon, Beeky gave Dolita one of her old cotton blouses to wear temporarily. She laughed, Dolita did look rather ridiculous. She took the dress, washed, repaired it and placed it on the line to dry. Sitting back in her rickety cane garden chair, Beeky then took a well-earned nap. Dolita chuckled as her old friend was soon fast asleep, sounding more like an old bear than an old woman. With every breath she snored, inhaling and exhaling causing the chair to shift position and creak."

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