Bobby was rejected, abandoned, neglected and abused. He indulged in body piercing, tattoo art and tried desperately to join the Molina Gang. He never made the grade!

"Crouching in the wretched doorway, Dolita felt a spirit of fear overshadow her as she went to shake Bobby gently. A dirty needle lay discarded by his side. A horrible gurgling sound came from beneath the plastic sheet hiding his face. Pushing it aside, she gasped. Bobby's face was ghastly white, his eyes rolled to and fro and his mouth was half open. White powder and saliva dribbled and frothed down his chin. He was shivering and he seemed to have no control over his bodily functions. Dolita reeled backwards in shock. Her mind was working overtime. Should she go for help? Was there time? Was Bobby dying? "

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