Everyone's best friend! How could you fail to love the little girl abandoned on the streets as a baby? Brought up by a beggar woman, now living in a dusty, old shelter behind the Metro. Even in the midst of sadness and trauma she is the one person everyone can rely upon to find a smile or a kind word.

"She decided she would pierce her ears, but how? With a needle of course. "Well that was easy!" She thought and repeated the procedure with the other ear, dabbing the trickle of blood with a piece of paper towel. A little yucky, but she didn't feel a thing. Dolita gasped, "how stupid. Now what do I do? I have nothing to put in the holes. No earrings. Now what?" She found two of the prettiest little gold safety pins ever. And quick as a flash she put the delicate tiny pins through her ears and sat back to marvel at her achievement."

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