He drives Dolita nuts with the nickname he uses for her: - Boton de oro (Little buttercup). He dotes on her and treats her like his precious little sister. As for Enrique, with his sleek, black hair, melting smile and smouldering looks, all the girls love him. He often comes to the rescue of the other kids.

"Between them they managed to lift him out of the ditch and onto the banking for a further investigation. Enrique carefully checked Mikey over once again. He was, by now, fully conscious but still quite disorientated. His eyes were rather glazed and he seemed confused about his whereabouts. "He probably had a nasty knock on the head but I don't see any serious wounds, just minor cuts and grazes," remarked Enrique. Enrique insisted that Manolo accompany Dolita. He said that from there on he could manage Mikey with Angelina's help."

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