A star in the making! One day he will get away from the shelter and become famous. Well that's the idea anyway. Everyone loves to hear him sing and play his guitar. Well all except Roberto that is!

"What if there's something valuable in the box and he nicks it?" whispered Hugo. "Oh he wouldn't do that," replied Dolita. "You really have a suspicious nature, why can't you trust anyone?" Hugo puzzled "No! So why wouldn't he? Why do you think he got the name Dodgy Deuno?" "What's that?" asked Dueno. "Come in if you must but don't touch anything." Surprised and in his eagerness to enter the mysterious lock-up, Hugo accidentally kicked over an aluminium bucket sending it flying. Dueno glared at him. Hugo turned quickly, whacking his head on a tyre hanging from the roof. Dolita couldn't help but giggle."

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